Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Fun

For winter, I covered a table with butcher paper and cut some snowmen bodies out of posterboard. I printed out some pictures of scarves and hats and cut them out. Then put them on some posterboard and contacted them. I used velcro strips and made it so that the children could take off the hats and scarves and mix and match them. They really love being able to switch everything out and when they put the scarves on the head and hats on the neck they giggle about how silly it looks.

The mitten match has been a big success. My friends like to take all of the mittens off, carry them around in one of the purses or bags we have in our room and then come back and put them all back. One mitten from each pair is on the posterboard, while the other one is done with posterboard and contact paper and has velcro on the back. We use velcro a lot and while it sticks very well, my twos tiny fingers manage to peel it off over and over. I've found that hot gluing the velcro lasts much longer. It's still not two-proof since they manage to peel them off every once in a while, but without it they peel everything off in minutes.

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