Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Do You See?

So for our Imagination theme, we decided to cover one of the shelf units with some inkblots. We thought it would be really interesting to see what the kids thought they were pictures of. I added a few colors by just putting some paint on a piece of paper and folding it over, creating a symmetry painting. The kids love them. Everyone agrees that the orange one looks like a butterfly, the bottom middle is a ballerina, and one of my little friends insisted that the purple one is a jacket. There were too many other declarations to count, so the kids really used their imaginations on these.

We used our other shelf unit to tie in to the Dramatic Play stage area. We added pictures we found online of different amounts of children on stages.

Who's in the Window? was Ms. Anita's great idea. We added foil so that it was almost like a mirror so they could imagine themselves in the big window frame and add pictures of the kids to find each other all around it. We always try to incorporate pictures of the children into things we are making because they have such a fun time finding themselves and naming all of their friends.

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