Friday, February 10, 2012

Clean-Up Game

So, the P.O. Boxes that I made here were repurposed after that unit was over to make a "Clean-Up Game." The kids absolutely loved this one. I took pictures of toys we had in the classroom. I grabbed three dolls, three books, three cars, etc. I took one picture of all of the dolls together and one picture of each of the dolls individually. I contacted the picture of all three dolls to the front of one of the little compartments on the game and added some cardboard and contact paper to each picture of the individual toys. I repeated this for each type of toy. Then I put them in a bucket and let the kids sort the pictures of the toys. They really had fun and then it made for a fun way to transition from playing to cleaning. When they put a picture in the right box,  I would ask them to find the real toy and put it where it belongs.

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