Friday, February 10, 2012

Infant Room Ideas

So before I was with my terrific two year olds, I was back in the infant room working with the little babies. I figured I would share a few projects I worked on while I was in there. We had this tummy time mat that I ended up covering with a drawing of a bear hibernating for the fall. I also added some pictures of real woodland animals around the outside and contacted the whole thing. The contact paper is especially necessary for the infant room because it protects from all kinds of slobber, spit up, and spills.

This was one of my favorite ideas for the infant room. The theme was All About Me and so we decided to make something with their bodies. We laid the babies down on top of butcher paper and drew an outline of their body. Then we cut them out and used their hand and footprints where their hands and feet were. We printed out big pictures of their faces. We used construction paper for the shirt and then colored in pants with crayons. We added a couple of pictures of the process on the shirt. The parents always love being able to see a picture of their child actually completing the projects that we hang up and send home. 

This was our We Can Do That Too wall. We would update it every season and pick out certain picture cards we thought we could have the children imitate. We would take some pictures of them doing each activity and display them. 

In the infant room, the floor is a great space to add enrichments. It provides something for the children to be stimulated by while doing tummy time. For this I used some real pictures of rainbows and some number cutouts. I would sit with the children and count the different rainbows throughout the day. 

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