Friday, February 10, 2012


For our food month (December), I decided to try and combine the theme and the season by making a food snowman. The children had a great time counting how many pieces of each food were in the snowman. It's hard to see them, but I have little numbers stuck onto each of the pieces to help them while they count. 

This velcro matching game teaches the twos about the different food groups. They really loved pointing to the different things that they knew the names of in each picture.

This frying pan was made with about 4 paper plates, some craft sticks, a spoon, glue, tape and contact paper. It actually lasted for about 2 months and was really simple to make. I cut about 6 slits on the grooved part all around the outside of the plates. Then I overlapped the pieces to make the sides stand up a bit more. I taped that all together then cut most of the spoon off of the handle. I hot-glued the small bit of spoon left to the top of the plate to make a handle. I glued some craft sticks to the handle to make it thicker, then wrapped the handle in tape. I used a marker to color the handle black and covered the plates with red contact paper.

This food chute was the hit of the month. The children could not get enough of it. My center got new rugs and we saved the tubes that the rugs came on. I contacted the tube yellow and taped it to a table at the top and to a basket at the bottom. I also taped the basket to the floor so the kids couldn't just pick it up and run with it. Then I added a few of our plastic foods. It was so much fun watching the kids drop food down the chute and be amazed when it came flying out of the bottom.

We kept the Maize Maze out on the Science/Sensory table for the food month as well as the farm one. As you can see, it needed to be fixed up a couple of times, and we also switched the construction paper out for a real picture of corn. We added a Noodle bin with different kinds of raw noodles as well. It was great having it in a wipes bin because the kids would stick the noodles through the hole in the top.

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