Friday, February 10, 2012

Grocery Store

December was our Food theme month.  Our dramatic play area went from Farmer's Market to a Grocery Store. We made this sign for the Aisles and added some pictures so that our twos could understand what it said. We also asked parents for any empty food boxes they had. We stuffed them with paper and taped them shut and left them in our kitchen set cabinets. By the end of the month, we had about 30 different food and drink boxes. 

We updated our Farmers Market with real pictures contacted with some posterboard so that they would last a little longer. Our center really pushes us to use real pictures whenever we can. They look better and are more educational for the children. It was also good having the real pictures because then I could add a picture to each pocket so the children can see where each food belongs.

We added a meats and dairy section for the grocery store and some pictures for each one. We left some grocery bags out for the children to shop for their groceries. 

We also decided to make a grocery cart. I used a big box, contacted it, drew lines on it, and added some wheels to it. I made the wheels roll at first by sliding the wheels onto some paper rolls that were glued onto the bottom of the box and hot gluing some paper bowls on the end. They didn't last long though so I ended up taping the wheels up onto the box. The kids could still push it around and fill it up. 

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