Friday, February 10, 2012

Where I Live

For our Where I Live theme, we covered our banner with pictures of where we live, going from as general as the Earth, to as specific as where our school is located. The blocked out part was a picture of our school and states what road it is on. It was a fun way to show the children that there can be many correct answers to just one question, Where Do I Live?

Where I Live also includes learning about the community so we focused on community helpers when we made our shelf unit top into a little game of What's My Job? The kids would point out the professions that they knew and ask What's This? for the ones that they didn't know.

My co-teacher made this awesome Match the Homes on top of the other shelf unit in the room. We had a coffee can to put all of the pieces into when the kids weren't using them. The pictures are of homes in different countries all around the world.

My co-teacher also made this awesome Room match. The pieces have velcro strips on them so the kids can match the different rooms to the pictures in the house.

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