Friday, February 10, 2012

Things That Go

January's theme was Things That Go. Our two's absolutely LOVED this theme. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. What can be better? Well, when I did the Grocery Cart for the food theme, I realized that the kids wanted to sit inside of the box more than push it around. So I decided to make a car and a bus for them to sit in. I took some big boxes and contacted them. I cut out posterboard to sit at the bottom and add a little color contrast. I used some cardboard to cut out steering wheels. Then I used metal fasteners to attach the steering wheels to a small piece of posterboard, then taped that posterboard to the inside of the box. The moving steering wheels were fun for a few days for them, but did not last long. I fixed them over and over, then finally just taped them to the box completely because once a couple of kids realized they could come off if they pulled hard enough, they pulled as hard as they could. Overall, these were a HUGE hit. They love sitting in them and having their friends push them around.

This project was my favorite for the Things That Go theme. I took pictures of each of the children standing up, holding onto the hooks underneath the cubbies. Then I printed them out and pictures of trolleys. I cut the children's pictures out and glued them onto the trolley picture to make it look like they were on the trolley. The kids LOVE seeing themselves in different things in the room and they get so excited to show Mommy and Daddy.

This was a poster we had up to show the difference between older and newer vehicles. It was great to see the kids try to wrap their heads around the fact that both pictures were cars or planes or boats. They would say "Car" pointing to the newer picture, then ask what the older car picture was.

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