Friday, February 10, 2012

Farmer's Market

For our Farm month, we turned Dramatic Play into a Farmer's Market. My co-teacher cut out shapes of different fruits and veggies and made labeled pockets for them. We used some fishing line and hung them up to the hooks that we have there but the pockets could probably be placed directly on the wall. The kids loved taking out and putting away the different foods.

We also had a cash box for the Farmers Market. I used a shoe box that was attached on one side so it could be opened and closed easily. I contacted it, then cut a hole in the top. Then I used some construction paper, cardboard, and contact paper to make some large dollar bills and coins. I made about 5 coins and 5 bills. The kids had a great time putting the money in the cash box and counting how many different "moneys" they had.

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