Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome to Fun with Terrific Two's!

Hi there everyone. I'm Ms. Liz and I work with two year olds every day. I love to find ideas from other teachers online and figured I should start sharing my own ideas. Some of the projects and toys that we have are from my co-teacher and still others are not completely original ideas. If I remember where I saw the idea, I will try to link to it, but I know that it can never hurt to share information on what to do with two year olds. Two year olds need lots of stimulation and new projects always excite them. I hope my project ideas will help inspire you to keep those two year old imaginations active. I also have some ideas for handmade toys that keep the children happy and are inexpensive to make. I know that many centers have strict budgets, so it always helps to be able to make things instead of asking for them. I have a lot of pictures to add already so I will start off with multiple posts all at once, but I'm sure I will only add one at a time in the future.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and I hope you are able to use these ideas to help inspire those little minds to do great things.

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