Friday, February 10, 2012

Things That Go Games

Our matching game for Things That Go went over awesome. I printed pictures of different colored cars and contacted them with some posterboard. Then I contacted pieces of construction paper on the top of our shelf unit. We used a small box to hold the cars when they are not being used. Some kids loved matching the cars to the colors while others enjoyed just playing with the cars and making them go Vroom, Vroom.

My co-teacher made this fantastic Two's Twister board. Instead of a spinner, we have a box that has a picture on each side. Once the box is rolled, they will find the picture that it landed on and jump on the circle on the board. There are two of each so multiple kids can join in the fun.

This matching game was up on the wall and had pictures of things that go in the water. This one was made with pictures and posterboard, but I used clear packing tape instead of contact paper (we were running low on contact paper and waiting for the new shipment to come in). It's always good to know a back-up way to laminate things and it didn't take as long as I expected it to. It also looks a little different because it's clearer and shinier.

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